Green Roof Trays: Back to Basics

Green Roof Trays: Back to Basics

February 8, 2021 0 By Fiver user

Green roof trays are simple modules that can be mounted quickly to help you fix and maintain your roof. Each module consists of a solid, green roof system including a waterproofing system, rain retention and thermal and UV fluctuation protection. Additionally, habitat production, noise reduction, rainwater irrigation and lower heating and cooling costs are of benefit to green roof trays. Let’s read more. Let’s find out more.

Plan and structure


Green roof racks combine cost-effective installation with versatility in design. The features of the design structure are given below.


• Solid, quick drainage and efficient storage.


• Up to 1.8 liters of water and high temperatures resistant.


• Build and housing overhead layers will keep your roof dry.


• Allows multi-layer thermal insulation


Traditional approach


The conventional approach to constructing a roof uses a multiplayer system that takes longer and more effort. The components you need for installation are given below:


• Structural assistance


• Membrane roofing


• Root barrier and protective membrane


• Silence • Isolation.


• Water storage, aeration and drainage root barrier


• Medium of growth


• Vegetation


Advantages of Green Roof Trays system installation


• Very easy to assemble


• Can withstand the time test


• Easy to keep


• No multiplayer need to be developed


Putting a pedestal under the planting floor would allow better drainage and ventilation in an aerial condition. Moreover, it blocks high temperatures and saves you a lot of time and money. Let’s take a closer look at the benefit of green roof trays.


Quick to assemble: You can pick up the right planters and bring them together to create a garden on your roof, depending on your needs. In a few minutes, you would not need any equipment to complete the job.


Nice design: You can control waterlogging and drought with the cross-water filtration.


Longevity: Because it has UV-protected polyethene, the garden box does not peel, crack or red. Moreover, there would be no leakage of water at all.


DIY Garden on your roof: Green roof trays will help you create a DIY roof garden. You can conveniently use plastic trays and place them on your roof or yard.




Polypropylene copolymer is usually used for the manufacture of these trays. This means that the trays can endure high temperatures for years to come.


One platter uses two irrigation systems, the bottom box for water storage and the other for irrigation which is lowered or infiltrated.


The arrangement of the modules allows the device to be assembled or disassembled so that various designs are usable.


The trays provide various functions such as water storage, drainage and rainwater collection.


So we recommend that you mount green roof trays if you plan to safeguard your roof and transform it simultaneously into a greenhouse. You’ll find it very useful. However, make sure you contact a specialist if you don’t know what to do.