Types of Roofing Materials That You Can Settle For

Types of Roofing Materials That You Can Settle For

February 8, 2021 0 By Fiver user

The type of material you are using for your roof is decided by many. Previously, concrete tiles, clay tiles, slate and asphalt shingles were the only viable choices. At the moment, however, there are too many options to repair or add a new roof.

If you want to build or repair a new roof that already exists, you can consider some materials. Including:


Solar panels


This is an advanced roofing option integrated in already existing shingles. This is an excellent choice because they also allow you to balance the electricity costs with those of solar energy. They cost considerably more than the normal solar options.


Shingles of asphalt


These are very popular today and in almost all conditions are very successful. You can choose from a wide range of qualities. Some standards will enable you to know the quality of the shingles before you buy. The initial costs of the roof are not that high and some 20 years later will have to be replaced. For those residing in places that are likely to be hailed, the safest alternative is impact-resistant shingles.


Roofing of metal


This comes in the form of vertical panels or shingles, which look like shake, tiles or slate. After 60 years, this style of roofing can still be intact. Metal sluggishly burns off rain and snow. Metal can also endure strong winds. It can be mounted over other existing roofs because it is lightweight. The only problem is the noise, especially when there are rain storms. Such a roof may also be dented while hail is present. The cost depends on their design and type of metal.


Steel coated with stone


These panels typically interlock like clay, slate or shingles. They can withstand the damage caused by rain. They can also withstand heavy winds, freeze cycles of thaw, hail and so forth. This means you are the best choice if you are in a wet and windy place. They are also the best in areas with wildfires risk. Any of the coated steel options are guaranteed lifetime.




This is a rather sturdy type of roof. For more than 100 years it may be unchanged. It’s not burning and water-resistant, too. The other great thing is that it doesn’t get mold or fungi. It is an efficient alternative in wet climates. But it’s really costly. It’s also strong and can easily be broken if you step on. This is not a safe choice for people who live in hail-prone areas.


Slate of rubber


The rubber slate looks natural and can be quickly cut using a knife to match the complex roofs. This may remain unchanged for a century. However, by walking or installing satellite dishes, they can be harmed. This means they are also not suitable for hail storms in places. Trained practitioners can be difficult to find to install them.